Debt Negotiation


The Law Offices of Robert S. Gitmeid & Assoc., PLLC understands, that in the uncertain economic times that we live today, how easy it is to slip into debt and the struggles and stress of climbing out. Clients who come to us for counsel are often pleasantly surprised to learn that there are various forms of debt relief, not just bankruptcy. For many consumers, one wise alternative to bankruptcy is simply to work with your creditors in an effort to reduce your debts at amounts you can comfortably afford.

We find too often that when clients seek legal guidance on how to resolve their overwhelming debt, too many lawyers tend to automatically direct them toward bankruptcy without giving meaningful consideration to other, less dramatic forms of debt relief. Our firm prides itself in the personalized service we give our clients. The Law Offices of Robert S. Gitmeid & Assoc., PLLC can give you an evaluation specific to your circumstances. We can also educate you on the numerous advantages of Debt Negotiation, its negative aspects, and how it would impact your finances versus bankruptcy.

If Debt Negotiation is right for you, the Law Offices of Robert S. Gitmeid & Assoc., PLLC would negotiate directly with your creditors on your behalf in an effort to lower your debts for a sum that is substantially less than your current balance. Your creditor essentially agrees to accept a payment that is less than the amount you originally owed, yet regards your account as paid. This allows you to meet your obligations to your creditors on terms that are manageable for you, while simultaneously obtaining substantial savings and without having to file for bankruptcy.

Something else we’re proud of is that our legal fees for this service are earned on a pure contingency basis. In other words, we don’t earn a dollar unless we get you real results!

Call us today for a free consultation – your first step in finally freeing yourself from living with debt!